Titanium Module Licensing Error

Last Updated: Oct 14, 2015 05:57PM UTC
If you are receiving a license verification error or a missing license error for a Titanium module purchased through the Appcelerator Marketplace, here are some things to try that have worked for others:
  • Clean the project
  • Make sure the user/email you are logged into in Ti Studio with correctly has the license/seat assigned to them in the marketplace (i.e. if you have multiple people/accounts and purchased the module within an account that is different, you need to assign it over)
  • Regenerate a new UUID for the project: 
    1. Open Terminal and run “uuidgen”
    2. Copy the code you see on the terminal
    3. Open tiapp.xml, replace what’s in the “guid” tag with the the code you copied.
    4. In Titanium Studio, do Project –> Clean
    5. Run
  • Starting a newer project especially if the project was started a long time ago (there were older versions of Titanium / Studio where the problem existed more frequently that a newer project solved it)
Unfortunately we have no control over the mechanism in place that is throwing this message and you will need to contactmarketplace-support@appcelerator.com so they can help you.

If you contact them and you don't get a response, let us know and we can help notify them you are having trouble.

Let us know how this progresses.

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